HK VP9 2020 Optics Ready Complete Upper Slide
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Thread: HK VP9 2020 Optics Ready Complete Upper Slide

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    Default HK VP9 2020 Optics Ready Complete Upper Slide

    Is this legit? Don't see it on the HK web store.

    HK VP9 2020 Optics Ready Complete Upper Slide-hk-81000485-upper-2.jpg

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    Almost like HK is now trying to sneak things into the market! I'm starting to see the VP9SK-B pop up as well.

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    Wow that price is expensive! Less than $200 more and you have the full pistol. You can still score those in the 600s if you look hard enough.

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    Nice, I'm glad they're doing this. But I agree, for that price I'll buy a full gun w/mags. I'm just waiting for a vp9or in fde.
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    Was told flat out by HK when the OR was released that they would not be selling OR slides separately...

    Would be a savy way to make the comp'd gun and flip an OR slide for the savvy retailer. Curious to see if the actual slide assemblies are absent SN's as a dedicated conversion kit.

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    For $200 more, you can get the complete pistol, including tax, FFL transfer and shipping. Makes little sense.
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    They are likely just splitting up a complete pistol.

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    If I could sell my standard VP9 slide with night sight for $350.... I would buy it

    Otherwise.... I can get my slide milled for $300 or less which may be the better option... debatable of course

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    For some of us buying a new gun is not an option due to where we live.

    Curious how do you address the S/N off the original gun when installing a new slide?

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    No, that is someone splitting up the frame, and slide and selling the slide as a kit. We do not offer the OR Slides just yet, and they will likely not come with the barrel and recoil spring.

    Thank you
    HK Customer Service
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