Well, it happened... I bought a USP 9 FS
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Thread: Well, it happened... I bought a USP 9 FS

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    Default Well, it happened... I bought a USP 9 FS

    I have had a long-term love affair with my 4 9mm P30's for 3-4 years now. They are accurate and reliable with a wide range of different ammunition types. I have always felt like I was missing out on the king (or at least duke) of the pistol line from HK, but mollified myself with a host of practical arguments regarding size and magazine compatibility. Well, the heart has it's reasons and I turned one of my DA/SA P30's into a USP FS 9mm.

    I get it. I didn't but now I do.

    It doesn't really replace my admiration for the P-series. If anything, I appreciate the adaptations that HK made to transform USP-C reliability into a more comfortable, carry-able package.

    For those pondering the merits of USP vs. P30, here's my take:

    Get Both.

    I have huge hands with long fingers. If you also have nosferatu-sized mitts, then the larger reach to the trigger on the USP is a big plus. I can make the P30 sing, but I have to be very deliberate in my approach to the trigger finger placement. This is just one bullet point but this is a big deal for me in pressing to the rear flatly. I've found that all the Nill "mixmaster" grips only really grow the bottom 2/3rds of the grip as you move from S-L backstraps. This fills the palm but the beavertail area is largely unaffected, this was always very frustrating to me, but not insurmountable with practice.

    I carry a P30 V1 Appendix carry every day. While I probably won't carry the USP often, it is actually "shorter" in the grip and prints less for me (offset by the barrel sitting very close to my tender parts as it's about .5" longer).

    No functional difference at the range- The USP's longer sight radius is easier on the eyes and easier to shoot, but the P30 feels like the recoil cycle is over more quickly and back on target asap. The USP feels like riding in a cadillac (very soft recoil).

    My particular USP is a LEM and I have the Trijicon HD's on it, which are light years better than the stock P30 sights.

    LEM is very nice in the USP. I think the Gray Guns SRT and Match sear spring in the P30 it make it comparable to a stock USP LEM.

    The grips: The P30 feels like putting on a comfortable pair of slippers where the USP feels like a pair of mountain boots, however I find the flattish front of the USP grip to help index the muzzle on the target. WHO/SHO is slightly better with the P30, but I have many thousands of rounds through it and I may just be more familiar. The same smallness that affects the reach is a plus when one-handed as I can get more square inches of grip covered with hand.

    This is another "Aha" thread and I thank you all for your forbearance, but I have lurked here for some time trying to quantify the above with research, hopefully it helps some newer owner in the future.

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    Welcome to the USP club! I also have large hands with long fingers. That's one of the many reasons I prefer the USP. I started with a USP and then tried the P30 and the VP9. They didn't work as well for me so now I have 3 USP's lol.

    Congrats on a great purchase. I'll be the first to ask though. How about some pics of it?


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    No wear on the barrel hood when I got it. Came with two standard poly mags, three Jet funnel mags and what feels like a very light TRS. It does not return forward during dry fire until the disconnector is actuated, but works flawlessly at the range. I have a light TRS coming this week.
    Well, it happened... I bought a USP 9 FS-usp2.jpg
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    If you like the USP grip then the next step would be a USP Expert with a jet funnel. Those are very nice pistols.

    If you go the Expert/Elite route then you get a longer sight radius, Match Sights, Match trigger and barrel hand fitted to the slide. The accuracy potential is improved with these features as compared to a stock USP, in my opinion.

    Welcome to the USP club!
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    USP 9 fullsize is one of my all time faves. Carry one daily. Congrats and welcome to the club

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    Congrats on the purchase. The USPs are the best imo.
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    Congrats on the acquisition. Like somebody stated, try the 9mm Expert. I have large hands and fingers also; the expert is one of my favorite pistols. Long live the USP line!!

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    FS USP is my favorite HK handgun (USPT45).
    Although I've never owned or even shot a MK23...

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    Congratulations on a "wise" acquisition!!!


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    Congrats on your new found wisdom.

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