Are P9s mags really bringing >$200?
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Thread: Are P9s mags really bringing >$200?

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    Default Are P9s mags really bringing >$200?

    I saw NIW ones going for $250 today, have they really become that scarce?

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    Not really. Things are a bit crazy right now with panic buying everywhere, so prices are majorly inflated. I feel like $100-$125 is a more realistic street price for a 9mm mag in excellent to like-new condition. I thought .45 mags would fetch more because I never see them on Gunbroker, but I had some listed in the forum classifieds a couple of months ago and they sat for a while until I lowered the price down to just over $100 or so. Maybe one of the rare Sport 9mm-45 conversion mags could fetch more than average...
    - CPshooter

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    Look a little harder

    Used but German

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