P2000sk production date?
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Thread: P2000sk production date?

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    Question P2000sk production date?

    I recently bought a used p2000sk. I'd like to find out how old it is and which trigger variant it is equipped with. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

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    A picture would make this easier but here goes...

    Date code (year of manufacture) is the two capital letter code on the left side of the slide (immediately to the left of the ’antler’). Here is a link to reading the code: HK Date Codes ? sevengun. So, in the picture below, AG is the date code and that means it was manufactured in 2006.

    P2000sk production date?-f9f31cc2-5c41-44bd-a2b9-f6bfb80a1b97.jpeg

    As to the trigger, it’s either DA/SA or LEM/CDA. Here’s a link to HK USA’s site: https://hk-usa.com/hk-models/p2000-sk/. Tap the ‘READ MORE’ red bar and scroll down to find out about the different model offerings.

    If this doesn’t answer your questions, ask again in this thread as you don’t have enough posts to PM me... or maybe just Google HK ‘LEM’ or ‘CDA’ trigger to read up on it.
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    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on the acquisition!!!


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    I got mine perhaps a year or so ago (has it been that long??) and it’s one of my concealed carry weapons. BH tells me 2017 production. Love it! I have it in 9mm, 40SW and 357SIG. A much better handling pistol than I originally imagined. Magazines also fit the VP9, VP40, & P30. Just use the mag extender.

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