Match weights, coming soon?
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Thread: Match weights, coming soon?

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    Default Match weights, coming soon?

    I quite often get PMs and e-mails from people looking for match weights. It has been a while since I have browsed Robert Johnson's web page so I don't know how long he has had this posted, but his list match weights as "coming soon" for both 9mm/.40 and the .45.
    In the past when he has listed something as "coming soon" it has been from 6 weeks to several months, depending on how fast his supplier ships and it takes to clear customs, but I don't ever recall him listing something as "coming soon" and then it did not show up eventually.
    So, those who are wanting a set might want to contact Robert and get on a waiting list if he has one. For all I know he might even accept pre-payment.
    He might be able to give you an idea of cost and when they are due in but you will have to talk to him for that info. Good luck.
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    Great catch, thanks for that!!!

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the info Big Bore!

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    Thanks for the info.

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