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Thread: USP 40 vs. USP 45

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    .45 ACP > .40 S&W!!!


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    USP.40 with jet funnel all day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AGG View Post
    .45 ACP > .40 S&W!!!


    usp45 - yes, LOVE it ! except for those darn adjustable sights.

    usp40 - possibly purchasing. Currently looking at the jet funnel, BUT, then the two mags it comes with, are a no-go unless i remove the funnel.
    and I also have to purchase the jet funnel mags, at 35 each additional$$$, and all they make are those white/clear/smoky mags, which are plastic.

    Are the magazines the usp40 comes with, all plastic? or metal?

    if plastic, are they reliable, and long lasting like the metal ones.

    The prices of the u sp40's are insane right now, and am considering a purchase!!

    As I mentioned before, the p30 in .40s&w is a poor combo, the gun is too light i feel for the .40 round. Sure, it shoots great, and accurate, but i have to grip the damn thing like a maniac to control the recoil it has.

    and no,... @bastardsonofelvis , Vagina does not hurt or itch :)
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    My vote is for the USP .45, a soft shooter compared to .40 in my opinion.
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    I have both the 40 full size USP and the 45 Full size usp and 45 tactical usp full size. I like to shoot all of them, all are accurate and 100% reliable. I think it may be what you are most comfortable with and maybe as one of the previous respondants mentioned, magazine capacity with the 40 usp with the jet funnel. You can not go wrong with either: In my opinion, if undecided, get both!!

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