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Thread: S&H sear in a burst pack - 32k :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo-Geo View Post
    And when the banks fail (currency collapse) we'll want to have plenty of Alpo and ammo on hand anyways, so tis win-win.
    "If they're too big to fail, they're too big"
    -Alan Greenspan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodmar View Post
    I remember when I was looking to get a sear at 22k and decided not to sell most of my collection to get it. Now I wish I would have and I have to cry myself to sleep when I think about it.
    Hey there were lots of us that tried to nudge too.......Seeing what Neo got some of his trigger packs for I think you can still pick up a sear for a good/decent price from someone who does not want to deal with the GB auctions or the Scammers on Sturm.....If your really serious I would get my ducks in line and be ready to move on one...........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chopstix Kid View Post
    Sean, that's always been my hope... that enough people will walk away from sales so that prices will start to drop again. But as caf noted, too many people with FU money that will buy it anyhow thus leaving us "waiting for prices to drop" people, waiting. And waiting and waiting and waiting. Everyone is of the "let me see if I can get more money than the last one" mentality and thus, we have $35K sears for no other reason.
    And you are 1000% right.


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