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Thread: Bud's offering reserve on C93s rebuilt by PTR

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    On your FTF, are the primers getting dented? Bolt bounce could be causing that (weak bolt latch spring) or your bolt carrier is not going fully into battery. If the bolt carrier is just slightly rearward instead of fully into battery the hammer will strike the bottom rear of the carrier instead of the firing pin. Some experimentation might help determine this.

    Clear the rifle, turn it over, let the bolt travel forward while watching the ejector, make sure it is not binding against the bottom of the bolt head, it may be close so you may need to push it against to see if it has play. What you are actually checking is if the lower height was set correctly, if the lower is too high, or at an angle the ejector can bind against the underside of the bolt. (And get bent if not aligning correctly to the bolt channel for it) Also look along the seams between the lower and upper to see if the gap is uniform from front to rear and on each side.

    Next thing to check on the FTE is the condition of the extractor and the spring. It is very easy to accidently bend the extractor spring while assembling or disassembling the bolt head (if you do it wrong) to remove the spring rotate it (do not lift the forward, take a pin, pick and place it in the loop on the spring and then rotate it so the head is out of the extractor then pull it forward to remove it. Examine it is not bent or boogered. Then pull the extractor and make sure it is not damaged or crudded up. Replace if necessary.

    Pics of brass might help and side views of the lower from both sides.

    Century had their mitts on it, PTR made efforts to fix the shortcomings but with these they may have missed some of the many things they like screwing up.Bud's offering reserve on C93s rebuilt by PTR-century20monkey1.jpg

    There are other things to be looked at but these are the first things to check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkaiser View Post
    . I got my PTR built C93 in the very first batch but only just now had time to take it to the range. I couldn't go more than 3-4 shots without this thing either having a FTF or a FTE. I was using XM193 which I heard could be an issue since these things really only like steel case. Any opinions? .

    Have you removed the extractor ,cleaned, and replaced the extractor spring yet ? How does the ejector look, and does it play well with its slot in the bolt?
    Pull & closely inspect your locking piece.
    What is your bolt gap?
    These are 1/9 twist barrels so you can use both 55 & 62 grain no problem.Mine is accurate at range with 62 grain federal greentips.Steel or brass should not matter,just keep your fluting clean.My first time out with my ptr/c93 I had 140 flawless rounds no issues but I can partially attribute that to spending some time going over the rifle this past winter.

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    Thanks guys! I'll take a gander at everything

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