ETS mags for VP9/SK
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Thread: ETS mags for VP9/SK

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    Default ETS mags for VP9/SK

    If itís for real....17, 22, and 30 round mags for VP9. 12 rounders for VP9SK. Half the price of factory mags.
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    Wow....hope they're good.

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    Nice share! Thanks Localizer!
    I just watched about 6 review vids of the glock mags made by these guys. 1 guy had some issues with the 31 round mags. But then again, a long mag like that in a pistol sized mag well, it could be do to support/alignment issues, which is a recurring problem for mags of that size, from different manufacturers.
    Tho they did seem to shoot just fine from an AR type platform.

    This could be very interesting, tho I will say, after shooting through tons of Ruger 10/22 magazines with polymer feedlips, I have concerns in regards to them chipping or cracking. Especially long term, 2000+ rounds.

    It would be wierd too, switching back to polymer mags in a pistol. I haven't done that, since my USP40 LEO mags.

    Will definitely be on the watch for reviews on these, after they get more widespread. Thanks again for the share!
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    Since VP9 and P30 mags are interchangable, these will fit my P30, right?

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    Bump. I just saw that ets is making these for VP9, does anyone know where to buy them? They are not sold directly on ets site.

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    Based on what I’ve seen with the ETS magazines, I will not purchase them.

    At a competition I’ve done for the past three years, the ETS magazines are the cause of the majority of problems with Glocks. I’ve seen them break while firing, dumping all the rounds out, along with random issues.

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    I wonít be buying these either. You know how those little corners on the factor mags cut your thumb while hand loading factory mag cause you forgot your loader?

    Tight tolerance combined with a perfect mate up and a shallow ramp from those corners regardless P30 or VP means feeding issues will be the ammo, not the factory mag.

    Mag dumps and high-speed USPSA rates ask a lot of the feed system and I have learned that if it doesnít feed well, it just doesnít matter how good of a shot you are at the range, on a stage or from the nightstand.
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    I will buy some for range use...

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    Let us know how these work out when the finally come to market. In the meantime I'll continue to pay $32 for factory mags....'cause I'm a baller

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    Ick gah, no f****** thank you. I'll continue to put premium factory magazines in my premium German handgun, thank you very much.

    (Keep your eyes peeled, and you don't have to pay premium prices, anyway.)

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