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    I just purchased a C93 this week. I know how expensive the factory magazines are. They typically seem to go for around $65-70 in my experience. Fortunately, I had previously bought two incorrectly identified aluminum 40rd magazines for a great price. Now that I actually have one of these rifles, I need a lot more magazines. I found someone locally that has some used, good condition 40rd aluminum magazine bodies. For whatever reason, the factory internal parts are all gone. The internals have been replaced with custom modified components. The magazines supposedly work 100% and the work looks pretty good. What would a fair price be for these hybrid magazines. I know Promag made magazines are available in 20rd, 30rd and 40rd capacities for approximately $15, but I have never had good experience with Promag products.

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    What do you mean custom ? like modded to work from another mag cnc printed or ?

    Me I would price them a little over what mag bodies go for 35-40ish .... 40 rounders can be had with paitence on GB for 45-50 each for good shape ( I have seen NR auction close at under 48 shipped latlly a fair shake have hit the market )..I think 40 are prob the easiest to find of HK mags other then 30 rounders for decent price 25 and 20 seem to dried up more ..So if I saw them for sale I would not bite unless they were a lot less then what a G-VG 93 40 went for

    Oddly the pro mag do work mostly for some other need to mod to work

    Do note some people have had to file some mags to work with the C93 I had some MK mags that were filled to fit

    What I would suggest is to stalk GB and here for NR or low start auction and see what you can find ..Now and then you run into estate sale off or guys selling off pre ban collections .

    Oh and lastly if the mag body is steel is prob a MCP/LIQ mag not factory far as I have found HK never made a factory non alum 40 ...The steel work fine though MCP tend to be ok

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