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Thread: New HK Hat with Notch

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    Quote Originally Posted by dms16 View Post
    Just when I thought they couldn't cram any more into the wannabe/"it doesn't matter how well I conceal, you know I'm carrying" ensemble that features:
    - Oakley's
    - Grunt Style or Black Rifle Coffee t-shirt
    - 5.11's
    - other accessories include can of dip, can of Monster/Rockstar/Bang/etc., sleeve tat, ridiculous facial hair.

    Can't say I've ever experienced this hat/glasses combo problem but it's still way less stupid than that 5950 sticker bulls*it...
    You just explained everyone I saw at my LGS today.

    I'm glad HK finally thought of mine and my bretheren's hat needs. It's like I've been handicapped my whole life having to choose between Oakleys and cool guy hat. Now I can have both! Now if it just had some more velcro for my morale patches and some sort of rack for my cans of Monster/Rockstar/NOS/Bang/Reign/Venom/RedBull and we've got the perfect hat. Mesh back would be nice for my tribal head tattoos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HKloverboy View Post
    They should add a tactical bottle opener as well
    They do and it looks real cool as a desk decoration.
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    If I'm paying that much for a ballcap I want the whole thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FS1 View Post
    They do and it looks real cool as a desk decoration.
    I was expecting a bottle opener on the had but this is very cool as well!

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    the notch hats have been around for awhile now. They're great for work as I'm required to keep a hat on and always wear sunglasses. Outside of that, eh.

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    Patch isn't bold enough font. My hats do interfere with my glasses, though...........
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    I need this hat to wear while training with my Yeet Cannon.

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