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Thread: Can you afford this?

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    What makes this rare? First year production only? I thought all 23s up to 04 were the same except for the engraving changed from Mark (early 96) to MARK.

    Also I agree with @audiction about the title. In public itd be considered rude. On the internet its click bait (it worked). Its generally understood that the HK means $. There are people who have to save for a while to get what their mark23s. Nothing wrong with that.

    If you think it's a rare model I would have just put it in the Heads Up section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audiction View Post
    it can go both just didn't sound right when you first read it that's why i said that it might offend "some" people here. did i get offended? no:). i have 12 unfired mark 23s and all of them are the collectible ones...


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    Can I pay for it? Yes. Can I sleep on the couch after my wife sees? Yes.

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    Nah, I can afford it but don't need one. I already have a hammer drill that does not require ammo.

    Big guns, like big shouldered jackets and big hair of yesteryear are OUT.
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    I can't match Audiction's collection in terms of pristine condition, but I do have more than I need.

    Not all of us save up either - ramen and cheesy mac for the next three months. There's nothing wrong with that - except cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

    KG date codes "Mark" vs "MARK" are nice (get both)! NIB KH, KI date codes are always cool. A tan/taupe Mark 23 would be a great addition, but at around 4k too rich for my blood (I can only afford the case). European wood grain cased Mark 23s like CCF sold (no import markings) are nice whatever date code they are, but really hard to come by anymore. For the addict with everything, a genuine SOCOM marked Mark 23 would be the Grail, but for the rest of us the SOCOM slide and barrel sets are a nice substitute.

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    Didn't sell. Still up for grabs.

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    Wow !!!

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