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Thread: PSG1 with replacement scope

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    Default PSG1 with replacement scope

    I have been chasing that PSG dream for a while now and came across this auction ( ). Its a beautiful rifle but I have to ask 1. Why replace the scope other than damage and 2. How badly does that affect the value?

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    Odd that the description states Swaro 3-9x40mm but the pic shows a 6-24x50mm Swaro scope.

    100% agree with their line about functionality but not good for collector value.

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    The other reason to replace the scope besides damage is to upgrade to a more modern and advanced optic which if you decide to shoot the rifle will make a big difference. The original scope is pretty dated so if you can get a set of rings that work with the PSG1's welded-on mounts, then that just opens your options up to a ton of more advanced optics.

    In terms of value, if you're a high end collector looking for originality, it really decreases value. Even with all things being equal, one PSG1 with the original shipping cardboard box could fetch hundreds if not a thousand+ more for the collector that want it all. That's why they call us collectors crazy. Which I can't argue, it's a sickness. ;)

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    I didn't realize you could change out scopes for the PSG1. Looks like just a bolt and nut through the bottom of the mount?
    Any idea who makes rings that are compatible?

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