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Thread: Boker Damascus HK Knife

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    Default Boker Damascus HK Knife

    Anyone have a feel for how much a Boker Damascus HK folding knife should be worth? There's a tanto on fleebay, looks brand new, starting price $425.00. That's a lot less than the last one that came up, but still a big chunk o' change. I'm more of an accumulator than a collector - by that I mean I acquire a variety things for the purpose of using them, not for the purpose of displaying them or stashing them away in the hope they will someday be worth more to someone else than they are to me. So I'm a little out of my depth where artsy fartsy knives are concerned. Still, I can't help but be attracted to this one.

    Here's a photo. Any thoughts?

    Boker Damascus HK Knife-hk-boker-damascus-1.jpg
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    $250-300... PM me if you decide to move it.
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    Boker does not make the HK labelled knives any longer so it is a little hard to say what that knife sold for when it was produced or what some people might give for it. Here are a couple of similar Boker models and what they cost, but they are not tagged with the HK logo. As far as quality goes, while I think Boker is a fairly decent knife company, some of their models are below par. I generally think that damasteel knives are poor users, modern super steels made specifically for cutlery are far superior in every way.

    Tirpitz model Retail is about $1100 but can be had for about $600
    Boker Damascus HK Knife-boker-damascus.jpg

    Leopard tank Steel model Retail $790 could be bought for about $400
    Boker Damascus HK Knife-boker-damascus1.jpg
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    I have always loved the looks of those Boker Damascus models. As you say they aren't getting more plentiful. I have not priced them in some time but that seems a little high to me.

    HK Ag

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    The Boker Damascus is a really nice knife!!!


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    that HK boker damascus is a favorite of mine.

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    Quite a heirloom piece.

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