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Thread: New HK Knives coming up

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    I mostly carry USA made Kershaw's and also have a few Benchmade knives. After seeing these new Hogue HK's, I gotta say, they look pretty nice. The Karma (7.15 oz.) is almost twice as heavy as the Exemplar (4.30 oz.), obviously, since its more of a utility knife. I am an electrician by trade so I would/will probably go with the Karma - As I DO prefer the serrated combo blade (and use it often) but also prefer the Tonto style tip. I will have to get used to opening it up myself though as all my current knives are spring assist :)

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    New HK Knives coming up-imag1827.jpg
    Just picked up the Hogue HK Exemplar this weekend. The knife is solid and the pivot lock mechanism is smooth. Definitely going to get a lot of carry time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.Rock View Post
    Cool. Too bad they aren't Benchmade. They make a quality knife worthy of HK. No idea what a Hogue knife might be like. Let's hope they are a quality product as well. They do look nice and use of Benchmade's Axis lock is a good start.

    Looking for ward to feeling Hoques new knives, not into Benchmades at all ever since they came out as anti-gun. Did sell a couple of HK Benchmades a bit back that were well built product.

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