Eickhorn KCB-77 compatible with NATO bayonet lugs?
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Thread: Eickhorn KCB-77 compatible with NATO bayonet lugs?

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    Default Eickhorn KCB-77 compatible with NATO bayonet lugs?

    May be a stupid question, but I saw HKParts has some Eickhorn KCB-77 Bayonets in stock, and I was wondering if they are compatible with NATO-spec bayonet lugs?
    It just says they are compatible with HK416, M27, and G36E Bayonet lugs, but I'm unsure if those use NATO-spec lugs.
    The reason I'm asking is because I've got a Steyr AUG/SA from 1986 with a NATO Bayonet lug, and just want to make sure it would be compatible.
    The bayonet in question: https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Bayo...n-13p17688.htm

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    It should--- an AR-15/M16 bayonet will work with the add-on AUG bayonet lug--- presuming your AUG is a 20" barrel!!!
    Seems to be the same as this (scroll down to "Accessories"):

    Steyr AUG Parts


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