Is HK 91 to G3 Conversion worth it?
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Thread: Is HK 91 to G3 Conversion worth it?

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    Default Is HK 91 to G3 Conversion worth it?

    I have two original HK91s in near mint condition, and I was looking at making one of them a host for one of my Fleming sears. One of the 91s has the polygonal rifled barrel, and the other is standard. My question is, would it be worth converting one of these rifles to G3 specs, with the paddle mag release and new markings? I am considering having the polygon barreled rifle converted. Am I going to hurt the value in the long term? I'm not looking to shoot it much, but I have always been interested in making one or both a G3, but never gotten around to it. Thanks for any input.

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    You will hear many thoughts as to what to do but it's yours and your choice.

    Pro's - Gives it that battle rifle feel. Easier magazine change - It's what makes you feel good -

    Con's - It's an HK and God ain't making anymore for the US civilian market - It's actually more cost effective to have a clone built to your specific's (G3 Norwegian style -Most updated) and then you can hose a way with the sear pack! - G3K Norwegian would be the cat's meow and SBR it since you have sear pack.

    It's your H&K but most here will ask that you keep it original.

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    Keep it original.
    Outside of markings, grenade ring, and the paddle mag it'll never be a true G3 conversion anyway since there is no pin hole with a swing down lower. IMHO, if it can't be fully converted then build a host or buy an SAR8 to tickle your G3 itch.
    My .02.
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    Or pick up a Tac-latch... It's a non-invasive paddle release system that doesn't alter the gun. You can install it yerself in an hour... or so if you're tool challenged.

    As far as changing the markings... Why? It's not a G-3 and will never be. No matter what, it's still a 91. There was even an ATF flap over changing markings not all that long ago.
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    It is your rifle, you should do what makes you happy. I would keep it stock and focus on accessorizing. G3's are G3's, the HK91 is a great rifle in its own right and there aren't any more coming into the Country.

    Whatever you decide to do please don't butcher it.

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    Welcome to the site--- I would wait and convert the exact model (HK91/93/94/SP89) that you really want to convert!!!


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