Muzzle Brake/Compensator for UMP/USC
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Thread: Muzzle Brake/Compensator for UMP/USC

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    Default Muzzle Brake/Compensator for UMP/USC

    I'm wondering if anyone has used a brake or compensator on their USC/UMP instead of the flash hider or real or faux suppressor? If you have, which did you use and how did it function? I'm looking into this since, as a NJ resident, I cannot own an SBR, I cannot have a threaded barrel (muzzle device has to be pinned and welded) and I cannot have a suppressor. I'm currently trying different handloads to use with my UMP for PCC competitions, as well as trying to find the optimal barrel length. It's quite possible that a 12" or 13" barrel may perform better than the 16" and if that is the case I will be looking to chop the barrel, thread it and get a muzzle device pinned/welded to meet the 16" requirement. At this point I'm merely gathering information.

    So, with that said, has anyone run a muzzle device besides the flash hiders and real or faux suppressors?

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    Here's what you want to determine optimal barrel length for a USC45 SBR: BBTI - Ballistics by the Inch :: Results

    Note that the ammunition and powder makes a big difference in the ballistics chart. Generally speaking, 12" works out to be about the best barrel length for most ammo choices, and you don't lose much velocity beyond longer barrel lengths. Also, at less than 12", you start to see a drop in muzzle velocity pretty fast. HTH,
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