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Thread: HK433 - The new assault rifle from HK

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    I highly recommend H&K shorten the upper a bit to make room for 9" barrel option for PDW & CQC application.

    I hope they're not over-looking this. Compact assault rifles are pretty popular theseday. It would suck if your costumer asked for a 9" PDW variant and you have to design a new upper receiver just for that.

    Consider EVERYTHING and make your upper universal for barrel lengths ranging from Compact/PDW to full-size rifle.

    And oh, an collapsible stock option (like MP5A3) would be a good idea, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusten View Post
    Could it be because of export restrictions from Germany? What if they plan on selling them to civvies in the US and make them in the Georgia factory? Lot of "ifs", especially for HK but maybe, just maybe...
    Look at your own restrictions. Canada has latest spec MR223A3 with CBL etc, its the retarded US laws that prevent this, not any other law. I am really puzzled how that legend of "german laws" came to live and continues to live.

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    Jim, is there motivation for 416A5 upper production stateside and using A-D steel, for civilian consumption with the new team?
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    SCAR with hints of HK all around.

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    Just needs a bayonet lug along with M-Lok rail slots and I'll sell my entire collection of boat anchors to get a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G3Kurz View Post
    -HK says it is more reliable than the HK416. (THAT would be something to see).
    -There are options for other controls (flapper mag release) not currently offered with the HK416.
    -Other calibers to include .300BO, 7.62R, maybe an intermediate caliber, and 7.62mm NATO in the HK231.
    -The cocking handle is switchable ambi and doubles as an ambi forward assist.
    -In the end HK states it will be lighter than a comparable 5.56mm M4. We'll see.
    -The selector switch positions travel thru a 90 degree arc from safe - full auto.
    -The bolt does not require a buffer tube thus the ability of a side folder, shorter OAL, and possible modular stocks later
    -Lower cyclic rate of fire (to improve reliability when suppressed)
    -Integral round counter option (to date not yet shown on the HK416)
    -Developed for use with a sound suppressor and AGR (the HK416 was not and sometimes ran too fast).
    -Extruded aluminum receiver (monolithic)

    A partial list, I'm sure I could come up with more.

    The barrel is not "quick change" (changes out like the HK416 with a mandrel and wrench) and an M-LOK hand guard is coming. Undoubtably there will be a 7.62mm lower for various magazines depending on customer demand, SR25/M110 and HK417 likely.

    I predict this will have a US IP design under a different acronym (HK833 maybe (HK416 and HK417 combined - 509Rangers math, not mine) and be made in Georgia when the plant is up and ready (1-2 years).

    Remember when I said good things were coming?
    1. US Plant (US made product, parts not importable from Germany)
    2. HK433 (and variants)
    (don't ask what the others are).


    Thank you for the added extras, and I feel certain you've bitten your tongue ten thousand times, while reading over our less than stellar posts. I truly appreciate the input you've added to this conversation. Cheers!!!

    PS....and while I REALLY want to know what the "others" are, and I know you've been through a lot and I both know,....its the secret squirrel, decoder ring, 4Q, HK revolver series. Go ahead...give me the wink there........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bongoz View Post
    Does it offer any clear advantages over an HK416 in anyone's opinion? Or simply cheaper to mass produce with minimal disadvantages?
    According to the spec sheet, there should be no noticeable differences in weight so there is no marked advantage there.
    11" 416 is 6.86lbs while the 11" 433 is listed as 7.15lbs
    14.5" 416 is 7.7lbs while the 14.5" 433 is listed as 7.5lbs

    I suspect the polymer lower, extruded 1-piece aluminum upper and likely the use of some common parts (bolt? op rod? piston?) make it a lower cost/higher profit margin option as well as an alternative to those markets that aren't really into the 416. I also suspect that a few parts like the 416's quad rail is not a cheap/easy part to produce nor would a 1-piece carrier.

    I'm sure the 433 will run like a sewing machine, but to date, I have yet to see any AR18 derivitive (G36, SCAR, ACR, etc.) with out some major drawback that is in some way linked to the design. No design is devoid of weakness.

    I mentioned this before, one advantage I see for the 416 is the manual of arms, potential slimness and real estate for accessories. You have to remember, many of us have seen this movie MANY times before with the "AR-killer" that is anything but. For about 10 years now, it seems that many shooters/armed professionals have just dug deep and decided to make the best of what they've got and committed to the AR platform. Better barrels, rails, triggers, components and half a century of experience/failures to draw upon is why (believe it or not) there are some serious, door-kickin' dudes that would likely trade an HK 433 in a heartbeat for a Hodge Defense Mod 2. The point being, there are just some handling methods and kit load-outs that just plain won't jive with the 433 layout, but would with an AR/416.

    Time will tell if the juice is worth the squeeze. I think it's pretty badass that the 433 is SUPPOSED to change caliber all the way up to 308; may be HK will be the first to actually pull this off; the closest "success" I can think of to date would be the 21e/23e...

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    I like the non-reciprocating charging handle a LOT. It doesn't take much to get used to it. Once you do you'll wonder why it took so long.

    # 1 Benefit is NOT having to take your eyes off the target through the scope or sights .

    # 2 is IF something goes wrong with the piston or the gas , no problem , just run it like a bolt gun .

    It really does make it a lot easier to charge.

    Question . Is HK or any other manufacturers going to start Nitriding barrels and other parts that make sense for the military ?

    Here's my little rifle with the Ambi charging handel .

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    I think some here misunderstood the 'multi-caliber' part a bit.

    HK didn't specifically say that the 433 is 'multi-caliber' in the sense that you can convert a 556 version into a .308, but more like it is AVAILABLE in various different calibers. Like Jim pointed out, it doesn't have quick-changed barrel.
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    Quick question. Has anybody found out or heard if the HK433 uses the gas piston (with the rings nipple) and the gas block of the g36 HK416/417??????

    Please say its so because in my opinion it is the best gas piston design ever.
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