My SR9TC package is complete
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Thread: My SR9TC package is complete

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    Default My SR9TC package is complete

    I picked up an unfired SR9TC from a pawn shop for a a great price thanks to another HKPRO user a few months ago.

    From the initial pictures of the rifle I was sent before I received it I assumed it was slightly used as it was incredibly dusty and dirty.

    But, once I picked up the rifle I realized what a gem I really had. The internals were a pristine without a bit of evidence of a round ever being fired and after a a bit of cleaning and a light coat of oil the rifle looked brand new!

    To complete the package I picked up an original HK factory bipod and one of the apparently rare IS date code HK factory wide handguards.

    For optics I picked up an original German 30mm claw mount to hold a 3-12x50 Schmidt and Bender Police/Military 1 scope.

    I purchased the scope new in box and I feel like it is the perfect complement to this rifle. The scope was manufactured in 1995 which makes the whole package period correct. It also has the P-1 Bryant reticle which was developed by a SWAT sniper.

    Based on all the information I found on the forum the 13.4 inch length and 50mm bell made the scope too big for the rifle because it would it be hit by the charging handle when locked to the rear. But, after much research and a lot of measuring I figured it would fit.

    As you can see the scope fits perfectly with an inch to spare. My biggest issue now is if I am ever going to shoot it since it is currently unfired. What would you guys do?

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    Shoot it -but take care of it.
    clean it, keep it stored to avoid rub marks or getting banged around in the storage place

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    Great acquisition! Now that you've put the scope mount on, you have to shoot it. Enjoy that fine rifle and let us know how it groups for you.

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    Pretty F'n sexy. I bet she shoots even better than she looks.
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    Very nice . I am trying to complete the package too:) I may settle for 1987 Zeiss Diavari ZA 2.5-10x52 T*. 30MM. Very impressive rifle You gun there. Enjoy.

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    I put a 1.5-6x42 S&B on mine. Where did you find the 3-12x50 at?

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    pretty awesome...thanks for sharing!

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    Shoot it, but clean it IMMEDIATELY when you get home to avoid carbon staining on the bolt head and locking piece. Otherwise, lube it liberally inside and enjoy it.
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    That is absolutely gorgeous! If it were mine, i take it out and shoot is ASAP!
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    That rifle and setup are absolutely sweet!!!


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