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Well you asked and started a thread.
You keep posting, but none of your posts address my questions. To the contrary, they derail the thread. Please reread the OP. FWIW...

1. Believe it or not, 416 type sights with an interrupted hood still work well by aligning circle within circle.

2. My MP5 is a “K” and doesn’t use a diopter rear anyway, it’s a notch. So, the front sight hood shape serves no purpose and exists only to protect the front sight.

3. My optic is my primary sighting system and is of great importance. The iron sights are relegated to “back up” status, are my secondary sighting system, and of less importance.

4. With my setup, the hood is on the same plane as my optic. I’m not interested in changing the optic height (see #3). I want to do something about it and removing a portion of the hood has no downsides (see #2).

5. I’m not suggesting anyone pursue the same, I’m researching it for my own consideration and may ultimately do so to a firearm owned by me.

You obviously feel strongly about diopter sights and you should probably start a new thread to discuss to your hearts content.

For other HkPros, I’m asking: Did Hk ever make MP5s or MP5 front sights with the interrupted sight hood for a better sight picture using optics or was that an aftermarket modification? If factory, does anyone have any pics of them, or specs, or anything that might help one replicate it?