HK 433- will it ever be on the rack at the LGS?
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Thread: HK 433- will it ever be on the rack at the LGS?

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    Default HK 433- will it ever be on the rack at the LGS?

    Would love to see this. What are the odds?

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    Once again, with feeling. Only if it is made in the US. Non-importable under current US law.
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    I assume even semi auto are papered as MG?

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    HK needs to just move their corporate headquarters to the U.S., and stop getting kicked around by the German press and government. It's just unbelievable what they have to put up with. They really can't win. Maybe here, or Ireland?

    There are even "human rights observer" organizations whose sole purpose in life seems to be trying to shut down the company. They and the left in Germany act like HK is worse than the Khmer Rouge, I've even read hare-brained write-ups where they try to quantify how many humans have been killed with the G-3 rifle, and infer that HK is culpable for each death. It's just unbelievable. For instance, they have literally traced every country in South America which has ever used any HK products (pretty much most of them) and infer that HK is complicit in profiteering, arms proliferation and basically war crimes, because of where their firearms end up, and the fact that people still get shot with them. The fact that the older generation of roller-locks seem to remain functional for so long only adds fuel to the fire. Never mind that a large percentage of the HK weapons in South America have been provided by third-party nations, who bought them legitimately, and from contract facilities.

    And don't get me started on the German government banning sales to the Mexican government, due to human rights violations. God forbid the police and military be better armed than the cartels. And Mexico is gonna' be above 170K homicides this year, and those are the ones they know about, 95% at least of those are organized crime related.

    It's amazing HK can sell anything anywhere, given the resistance they face in Germany and with the EU, regarding the exportation of firearms.
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    Thanks SG and Co. We can only hope. Seems like a wise move to make stuff here.

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    Can it not be produced in the Columbus GA plant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ybnqskp View Post
    Can it not be produced in the Columbus GA plant?
    My analysis? No. We'll never see an HK 433 for civvie sale in the US. We don't even have a proper HK-produced G36.

    Could it be done, technically? Of course. Will it be done? No.

    Legal issues, of which I am unfamiliar, aside -- technically speaking, it would be quite an investment on HK's part to get molds, tooling, and production facilities for polymer receivers set up in the US.
    It would be an incredible investment for a trivially small market.

    FNH pulled it off, likely because of contracts with SOCOM which necessitated US production, although I am not sure about the contracts/economics involved.

    In any case: I predict "no"

    We'll never see an HK433, MP7 or ready-to-go G36.
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    Right now, HK is pretty busy with Government contracts.
    To be honest, the civillian market just is not that attractive. Not even the US market.
    With all the „assault weapon“ bans in the past, the laws are just too instable to make big investments. Apart from that, most US customers are like „it ain‘t doin‘ nothin‘ my 600$ Colt 6920 can‘t do.“ so the number of sold units will be relatively small.
    Moving headquarters to the US? Worked well for Sig Sauer. Being able to stamp your guns „made in germany“ is worth very much. If you produce in the US, you are unattractive for the rest of the world because ITAR.

    Another thing is that many Government agencies don‘t want their tools in the hand of civillians.

    At the end if the day it comes to one thing; they don‘t care too much about the US civillian market and they have no reason to.
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    sickness, why did you have to mention the MP7 ?? I guess a guy can dream …

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