MP5 .40 S&W Curved Magazines? Do they exist?
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Thread: MP5 .40 S&W Curved Magazines? Do they exist?

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    Default MP5 .40 S&W Curved Magazines? Do they exist?

    Anyone know if anyone has ever made curved magazines for the MP5 .40 S&W?

    If so, where can I get some?

    If not, why not?

    Just wondering.

    I thought the original MP5 9mm had straight magazines which had feeding issues (?) so they later changed it all to curved.

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    I’ve never seen an HK MP5 .40 / 10 mm curved Mag in existence...

    None shown in any HK promo LE / Military production catalogs in my 30 year collection I have...

    HK MP5 9 mm mags ~ Earlier years SD production straight mags and later model improved curved ~ 30 full / 15 / 10 rnd (PDW) round curved mags
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    Nein--- I presume overall bullet dimensions/feeding--- no curved .45 ACP magazines either on the UMP!!!


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    No, they do not exist. There has only been a few types made. The clear one that I only seen in a picture, factory black, factory blue and the ones DJ Getz sold. All were straight.

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    Ok thanks.

    Though i never had a pr9blem with straigh .40 SW or 9mm hk mags, i reallybwish i coukd have curved ones for a .40 mp5

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    This is my presumption, nothing more......The 9mm is a tapered casing. Theoretically a curved magazine would be better for that. H&K changes stuff :becausewildhair: so I've always figured that was the reason they changed from straight to curved. I say theoretically because other straight double feed position mags (UZI) never had any issues attributable to that. Older single position feed 9mm seemed to work just fine too, as long as they were in spec, feed lips not spread from use/wartime metalurgy etc, MP40, STEN etc..

    I believed what I read, that there had been issues hence the change, yet the straight mags seem to give perfectly satisfactory service. I have had no problems with them, ever, and most of the rounds I've put downrange have been on full auto. As well all know, full auto will expose magazine problems that didn't exist on semi, if they are there. I don't think they are. A curved mag may well cause problems with straight wall casings. Again all this is just my presumption, YMMV.
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    Agreed with Lamont. Tapered cases feed optimally from curved double stack mags. The more the taper, the more the curve. Straight cases feed optimally from straight double stack mags. For visual reference, line up 10 rounds on a table and patterns based on case taper will appear.

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