HK91 / Cetme Bolt Gap Problem
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Thread: HK91 / Cetme Bolt Gap Problem

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    Default HK91 / Cetme Bolt Gap Problem

    I just barely got a kit with lots of various Cetme and HK91 parts and when put together I noticed I couldn't get the bolt open without mortaring it open. I checked the bolt gap and it's non existent (not even .003 gauges can fit into it, I'd try smaller if I had it but I don't) and this is even with +4 rollers installed. When I move it around I can even feel/hear the rollers rattling around in it. I also tried 4 different wedge parts that came with it too, all had the same results. Is something else the problem? I couldn't find any other posts about this same problem.

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    There needs to be a bit of clearance between the front end of the bolt carrier and the cocking lever support.

    Also, the HK and CETME bolt carriers are not interchangeable without properly matched parts.

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    Thanks for your feedback. I decided to check the gap between the charging support and the bolt carrier and it did have a gap, but it turns out the gap was much too wide. I could pull the charging handle out without activating the bolt carrier at all, but as soon as I added a spacer to hold the tube closer to the receiver it began working with ease.

    I'm not sure what I have parts to, I'm pretty sure the carrier is an HK because it came with a wedge already in it that has HK 4/91 marked on top of it, but two of the other three are completely blank and the fourth is marked with a number in a different place that I can't make out. Plus the bolt carrier activates the ejector on an HK semi-auto converted trigger group, while it doesn't work on a Spanish trigger group I've got. I honestly just got a huge collection of slightly rusty parts with the finish worn off that are all used and from separate rifles so I'm not %100 certain where most things came from.

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    You do not have pm priveliges yet to discuss the ins and outs of it, mean while pics would help. You describe kit but make it sound like you have a assembled rifle. If a complete rifle DO NOT FIRE IT until it is sorted out and you understand the mechanics of it.
    If it is not assembled and you have it mocked up (hand fitted) attempting to actuate the cocking lever will push the cocking tube forward instead of unlocking the rollers.

    If it is an assembled clone, knowing who made it is important to understand how closely it need to be looked at.
    If it is not built, are you intending to build or are you going to have someone build for you.

    Lots of questions and more so typically i find it easier to take these questions off forum to get you up to speed instead of 50 posts a basic questions clogging the forum.
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    If you have mixed parts and do not know what you have, photos will help and maybe some of us can identify them for you. In addition to the bolt carriers not being compatible neither are the bolts. Only some HK and CETME parts work together. Also with this type of system it is easy to incorrectly assembly properly matched parts. Photos will be your best bet for specific answers.

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