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Thread: Mag Prices

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    Default Mag Prices

    I searched the forums several different ways but couldn't find an answer although I would think it would HAVE to have been discussed before....

    WHY are HK91/G3 mags still in the $3-4 dollar range yet MP-5 and HK33 mags in the $30-60 range? Were G3 mags simply way more prevalent? I would think the MP5 mags would be the most popular mag in history, yet they are still WAY expensive. I can't imagine much more engineering goes into a standard MP5 mag than an M16 mag yet it is way more expensive. So for you folks that are way more educated on the market than I am...what is the real story that drives the prices of these magazines? Again, I'm thinking this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it. Thanks in advance.

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    There hundreds of thousands of military surplus G3 mags out there hence the low price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtykim View Post
    "hundreds of thousands of military surplus G3 mags out there"
    seeing that nearly 8 million G3 type rifles were built over the decades, I'd say there are probably more like millions of G3 mags sitting on the surplus market.
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    G3 mags are basically disposable at that price. It is worth considering buying a 91 just for the prolific parts and magazine availability. With some mags, like a P7 M13, you can see the complexity of the engineering and manufacturing of it, and the higher cost of that. A 5 round G3 mag, using less material, should cost less than a 20 rounder, but it doesn't. So I agree the over-supply of G3 mags must be keeping the price so low.

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    I think that this goes hand hand with all the G3 parts kits hitting the market over the years as Germany and others stopping using the G3 even in reserve after switching to an intermediate cartridge. The mags got dumped on the market too and not just German, bunch of other countries too. Essentially the same reason mil surplus AK mags are cheap too. I also think a part of it involves the fact that the MP5 is still in general use so the mags are not being dumped on the open market in the same way volume wise (by the hundreds of thousands or millions as others have noted). Add to that the fact that there are places where “pre-ban” mags still matter, that some of the aftermarket and contract MP5 mags have reports of reliability issues (deserved or not) and finally that for many people, it just has to be HK factory (I am mostly guilty as charged) and you have a recipe for higher prices. That said I have seen good prices / deals on MP5 mags overs the years, you just have to have patience and look. I mean, try looking for a factory new in wrapper HK G3 steel mag, you will not find those to be cheap either. In fact I think these days you will find people wanting to charge similar to MP5 mag prices for those too.

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    I was just looking at some mp5 40 German magazines that gatewood supply had on there site.
    $65 for a used one that is described as good to very good condition.
    hkparts wants $100 for a new German one.
    Now there is stupid expensive!

    I am concidering picking up two used German mp5 40 mags from gatewood
    Anny thoughts on how good they might be?

    Ops, the question is a little off topic.
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