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Thread: Some recent HK433 photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tspeis View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BarnOwlLover View Post
    I don't know if it's because of being a practice/blank firing/simunition bolt, but the bolt lugs do look more rounded. The theory behind the rounded bolt lugs is that they're more durable because of redistributed stresses on the lugs and the barrel extension.

    And as I mentioned, it also looks like the gas system is different compared to the patent images found elsewhere on this site. Those images show a FN SCAR-like system with a M1/M2 Carbine like tappet piston and an operating rod integral to the bolt carrier. The image from the brochure seems to show that HK have reverted back to a G36/SA80/416 series push rod system.

    I've also wondered how the 433 field strips (probably similar to the XM8, but with captive pins that are held captive in the lower like a 416/AR-15). If you have any more interesting images, feel free to post them unless you might get in trouble for copyright infringement.
    The op-rod inserts into the front end of the bolt carrier and is secured by a cross pin. This leads me to believe different length op rods can be used with the same bolt carrier within different caliber variants.

    Almost like an AK design but reversed. It’s tied to the bolt not the piston. I wander what advantage they found from connecting it. I guess we would need to see full exploded diagram to understand it.

    Recent TFB article on 443/bundeswehr picking new rifle.
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    Or like the FN SCAR, but with a detachable op rod instead of a fixed one. So the gas system hasn't changed much aside from that detail since 2017?

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    Here's a patent document published 09/12/2019. It's in German, but the page allows it to be translated to English. You can see some of the changes in the gas system and how the op-rod interfaces with the bolt carrier. Interesting that the rod appears to be squared in some of the images.


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    I cannot wait for the HK433 S to be released!!!


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    What’s the 433 s?
    Will we get a civilian version that tommybuilt can convert for us?

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    The Hk433 S is just Tony's imaginary model designation for the civilian semi auto rifle Hk will never import.

    Canada has a better chance of seeing a semi auto 433 than those of us in the USA.

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