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So RKS has great customer service - NOT!

Basically told me jm the only one with the problem and to check my washers to make sure they are authentic. I emailed them back and explained to them (again cause I guess they missed it the first time) a) that the washers are authentic because they are being used from an SL8 and b) the washers aren’t the issues because the screw doesn’t fit without them anyway. It’s just short plain and simple. Asked them if it could be one of the SKUs for one of the screws.

No response at all. Apparently they give zero f***s. Great customer service RKS - truly stellar.

Anyway, so now I’m still in search of this screw if anyone has any other leads are comes across one.
If you paid with a credit card, you could call the issuing company and see if they can do a charge back, assuming a refund/return request fails with the seller.