HK-91/93/94 refinishing and some modifications...
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Thread: HK-91/93/94 refinishing and some modifications...

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    Default HK-91/93/94 refinishing and some modifications...


    I have two pre-ban "IB" HK rifles, a HK-91 and HK-93, as well as a "IK" HK-94 carbine that I'd like to have refinished within the next 6 months or so. I'm thinking about having the paddle magazine releases added to them all and the grenade collar/ring added to both the Hk-91 and HK-93 rifles.

    Also, prior to the refinishing, I would like to have the metal parts cleaned up since there are some minor dings, especially around the bottoms of the magazine wells... Nothing too serious. Since the HK-94 is a former Cali DOJ carbine, it has some more minor dings around the charging handle area that I would like filled and cleaned up before refinishing as well.

    I'm leaning towards having them refinished with a Ceracoat type of product in HK Black. Hopefully with only a very light satin sheen, without it being way too glossy. In order to keep it looking "original," as possible, like to have the rear drum sights, magazine paddle/push button releases and flash hiders refinished in a dark parkerized color... Either parkerized or simply ceracoated in a very dull/flat color with zero glare to correctly mimic the original appearance of the factory's parkerized finish on these parts.

    As for accessories, I'd be sending in both the A2 and A3 stocks for refinishing, along with 2-3 HK-93 25rd magazines for reparkerizing or ceracoating. Also, the barrel shroud that I have on the HK-94 too.

    With all that being said, what would be the best places to have this work done and if known, what are their average turnaround time? I would also be sending one rifle at a time for this work as well... I was initially thinking about Investment Grade Firearms, but I read that they're having issues with doing work and returning firearms in a timely manner. I know that it might take a month or so, but I'm not comfortable with a 5 month to a year wait.

    Thanks for any leads!!

    BTW, I know that by refinishing and adding the magazine paddle releases/grenade collar to these HK firearms, I'd be damaging the collector/resale value. "I" don't care since I will never sell them anyway and once I'm dead, they go to my kids, who promise to never sell them as well.

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    Yeah…..IGF {may end up in} jail, and you'd have a hard time getting your guns back. So I wouldn't go that route.

    Personally......again Ralph @RDTS You'll thank me later. I promise.


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    RDTS. Yes. Call Ralph 480-488-2165.

    He's doing another for me right now.

    I fix the radar you'all try to stay under...

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    TPM Outfitters refinished a HK94 for me when they converted it to a SBR. I am very happy with their work. I wouldn’t hesitate to have them refinish another rifles.

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    RDTS or TPM would be excellent choices!!!


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    The previously mentioned options would be good. Everyone has their favorite smiths. I have an MP5/40 built by Ralph at RDTS and like it.

    For my German guns I won't use anyone other than Mike at TSC Machine. His HK black is excellent, and I find his parkerizing to be the absolute best I have seen. He takes particular care to parkerize and paint like the H&K factory. I like that I call him and he will either pick up or call me back same day and answer any questions I have. Mike's a straight shooter in terms of wait times as well as what he can and can't do.

    I would suggest remarking the rifles to HK33 and G3, since you are already converting them to look alkes with the grenade ring.

    Mike tends to vary between a month and four months depending on the complexity of the job. I would guess the average is 2-3 for what you're talking about. He's usually up front and correct about his wait times when you talk to him. Another + for TSC is that you don't pay until he is done, which is part of what landed IGF in jail...

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    I have used RDTS and PCS. Both do great work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeride1 View Post
    The previously mentioned options would be good. Everyone has their favorite smiths. I have an MP5/40 built by Ralph at RDTS and like it.

    For my German guns I won't use anyone other than Mike at TSC Machine.

    this x100

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    As others have said, for a German gun, I don’t use anyone other than TSC.....IMHO Mike Woodward is one of the best HK smiths in the business. He’s done 5 conversions for me as well as refinishing work and I highly recommend him.

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    I have been VERY impressed with the fit and finish of the two Mikes = TSC & Michael's Machines. These two provide finishes that are awesome.
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