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    Default Some HK91 questions


    I have a HK91A3 and love it. Great to carry, looks killer but not the most fun due to the A3 collapsing stock. I have looked around a bit for a regular stock, A2 I believe, but not finding much. I am only interested in genuine HK GERMAN made stocks. Anyone care to divulge wher to find one and how much it should set me back?
    Second question, I have the wider forend and would like a factory Bi-pod. What is the best way to determine if what your looking at is a true HK made one?

    Much gratitude from a newish HK91 owner.

    I have wanted a HK91 for the last 37 years.

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    Congrats on your 91! You can try here:

    or rtg parts

    Good luck.

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    RTG would be the first place I would go. I would also check out the marketplace right here on HKPro.

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    You can collect all sorts of HK furniture. It's been available in green (two different colors of green if memory serves), black, wood, camo (very rare) and I'm SURE I'm forgetting a couple of them. I've got several spare sets (weirdo collector of furniture here).

    Here's a couple of my HK 91's that I've built up. Gives you two different 'builds' or 'updates' to these HK91.

    PSG1 style updated HK91 - stock and trigger group are both PSG1, PSG1 claw style scope mount w/Redfield 6-18x40 Accu range scope, heavy bipod
    Some HK91 questions-hk-91-w-heavy-bipod-1.jpg

    MSG90 style updated HK91 - stock is PRS2, trigger group by Bill Springfield, PSG1 claw stye scope mount w/Redfield 6-18x40 Accu range scope, Hensoldt Z-24 scope with claw mount, heavy bipod
    Some HK91 questions-msg90.jpg

    You can even get a surplus Fero Z-51 Night Vision Premium Gen 2 IF you can find someone willing to let loose of theirs (NOTHING HK is cheap)...

    HK 91 is like a Barbi for shooters. Lots of 'things' that dress them up and update them with - it's ONLY MONEY, right?
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    Congratulations on the long-awaited acquisition!!!
    Search here:

    A genuine, HK A2 stock with have a small, recessed rectangle, with a date (X/X/XX) or 2-letter date code inside, on the left, at the stock attachment point.


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