G36 gas block install
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Thread: G36 gas block install

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    Default G36 gas block install

    So I have been searching for install tips on a G36 gas block. I have a T36/G36K. I removed the block and sent out to T Bostic. This was due to cycling issues, but is just due to the can I have. Got a block back and I'm having difficulties putting it back on. Is heat required to put it on or is it just a press fitting part? The old one was a pain to get off but do-able.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Should just press it on and then drive the cross pin in, no heat required.

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    if you don't have a press, put the barrel in the freezer overnight, and lightly lube the block when you take it out and it should go on. If not them repeat the freezer treatment and put the block in fry temp oil and let it slowly come upto the oil temp and then remove it from the oil and it should slide on with little to no persuasion using a derline block and mallet to tap it down into place. The temp diff between the pieces should be enough to allow a tight slip fit.
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