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Thread: HK91 Question

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    I had a HK PSG-1 years and years ago, I sold it and made a butt-load of cash on it. But now it’s insane. I was thinking of converting my HK91 to one of them. So I would get all that is needed except the scope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CollectorofHK View Post
    I had a HK PSG-1 years and years ago, I sold it and made a butt-load of cash on it. But now it’s insane. I was thinking of converting my HK91 to one of them. So I would get all that is needed except the scope.
    You will find to make the front hand guard fit, you have to replace the cocking tube because it is part of where the hand guard attaches to. I just felt it was too much work just for the hand guard. SO I went with the wood one.

    I know several of the smiths will do it. It's only money.
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    I tried the tech latch when it first came out. Personally I liked the innovation but it’s junk to me in practice. I had Curtis Higgins install paddles on all my HKs and never looked back. If the gun is unfired or nib then ok I understand leaving it alone. If shot I would do the mod you will not be sorry.

    PSG-1 and MSG-90 conversions are cool as hell if done right. The problem these days is the parts are not only stupid expensive but getting harder to find. I thought what I spent for my MSG90A1 conversion in the early 90s was crazy. I don’t want to think about what it would cost to do a correct one now.

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    Get the paddle mag
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    The paddle isn't an add on, it's an original factory installed feature of a proper G3 rifle. It was removed because US law prevented the front push pin and it's associated tube/hole. Installing it isn't altering a precious collectible, it's correcting a wrong caused by Gov't intrusion of freedoms.
    Have the paddle installed and correct a wrong from decades ago. You'll be glad you did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jla11h View Post
    I have saved up enough money to purchase an HK91. I love how light it is, and the recoil isn't as heavy as I thought it would be. My question is, will installing a paddle mag release hurt the value of the rifle? I have been cursed with small carnie hands and it would really help out with mag changes. I doubt I will ever sell it, but I would probably hold off on doing it if it will destroy the value of the rifle. Thanks!
    I've never heard the word "light" used to describe a HK91.
    Yeah I really hate the Tac Latch a lot. I would rather just use the button. The only problem I have with sending a 91 off to have a flapper release installed is, while it's there, you might as well have it remarked. And a grenade ring installed.
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    I have had this question myself.
    I don't like the idea of a mod that requires welding on the rifle and the Tech Latch is a solution that moves i the wrong direction compared to all the other paddle style guns I own.

    For now, I'll deal with the gun as-is but any clones I have built I want the paddles on from the get go.

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