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Thread: Need scope advice for a HK91

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGG View Post
    Maybe a run-of-the mill Hensoldt or Steiner 4x24!!!

    Really like those 2 types on top of a 91. Looks good and functions well..just IMHO.

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    I use a vintage Schmidt & Bender P1 3-12X50 on two 91's. It has the correct short eye relief needed.

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    I like the older 1.5x6 German scopes for this. 30mm tubes so they work with the factory claw mount with integral rings. More versital than the 4x and still correct for gun. Mine is zeiss but also made by Smidt & Bender and Hensoldt - price may vary but hunt eBay and you should find one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGG View Post
    Maybe a run-of-the mill Hensoldt or Steiner 4x24!!!


    That's what I would roll with.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wallew View Post
    MY IB coded HK91 dressed up as a PSG1 legacy rifle

    Attachment 268472

    MY OTHER IB coded HK91 dressed up as an MSG90

    Attachment 268474

    The scope I used both times is the Redfield 6-18x40 accurange - the scope has a 1" body - this scope was a big deal back in the late sixties to the eighties... one of the best for the time and the accu range gives shooter the ability to range your target out to 800 yards

    Here is a 3-9 accurange to give you an idea of what you look at through this scope - note the two thin two lines at the top of the scope - you put those on the shoulder of the large deer or elk you are going to shoot - them adjust it so that shoulder is between those two lines exactly and the scope will tell you the distance to your target with a tab at the 6 o'clock position - just an old school way to range a target

    Attachment 268476

    here is one on the bay for $300 -!75217!US!-1

    So with your claw mount (which is exactly what I used) you need the 1" rings that you can pick up from robertrtg or hkpartsnet... when I purchased the two HK Claw Mounts that I used, they came with the 1" rings - $40 - $90
    Nice duo of 91s
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick_13 View Post
    Nice duo of 91s
    They did come out nice.

    Can't go wrong with an HK roller lock rifle.


    Take a close look at the MSG90 clone. While it does have the 6-18 Redfield accurange mounted on an HK claw mount, at the top right of the picture you will see the Z-24. If I just want to use it close in (200 yds or less), just pop off the Redfield and mount the Z-24 on it's HK Claw mount - takes less than two minutes to remove and replace.

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