By popular demand, and to help avoid any further confusion, this is the new official marketplace bumping policy:-

You get one bump per FOUR (4) day period with NO exceptions.

This includes -

- Bumps to let us know that you have replied to private messages.
- Bumps to add pictures, more info about your item or to change your trade interests.
- Bumps to lower the price.

You may mark the item as either SPF/SALE PENDING or SOLD or to answer an posted question from a potential buyer at any time.

All other bumps before the fourth day will be considered excessive and they will be removed.

Repeat offenders will be appropriately admonished and may lose some marketplace privileges.

If you want to modify your listing in any way before your bump window you can use the edit button on your original post to make those changes. You can also amend the title of your thread or close it at any time.

Items not marked SOLD should be considered to be available, but please use good judgement in NOT bumping older threads that are either marked as sale pending or without any recent activity. PM the seller your inquiries.

Potential buyers may mark the sales threads to claim the item, reply "PM sent" or to ask a relevant question. Negotiations belong in PMs.

No random comments, other miscellaneous chat or public drooling please. The classifieds here are extremely busy, please help us to keep them tidy by using them fairly & efficiently.

This applies to all sub forums of the HKPRO Marketplace.

Thank you for your co-operation, and for your help in keeping this place looking Professional!