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Thread: WTS: Hk 21E/23E

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    Default WTS: Hk 21E/23E

    Well, It's time again to put another weapon from the collection up for sale. This one is truly a "Safe Queen". It is unfired since Terry Dyer made it using a new never used HK 21E purchased from SRT Supply, demilled by Terry and a push-pin registered receiver Hk G3 machine gun converted by Weapon Specialties of Phoenix, Arizona. It has never been fired since Terry built and tested it.

    If the 21E configuration is purchased it will come with an HK cold hammer forged 22" barrel and the 21E/23E bipod as shown in the pic.

    If purchased configured as a 23E the weapon will have the same bipod and the HK 23E kit shown below installed instead of the 21E caliber conversion kit currently installed in the pic above. The Hk 23E barrel has polygonal rifling.

    In addition to the weapon I have accessories and spare parts galore for the weapon that will be available to its purchaser. I have not gotten around to taking and posting pics of all of the accessories and parts; however, if there is something you want to see let me know. Some of them are unusual and rare.

    23E Belt Box-new unused
    21E Belt Box-new unused

    Bandoleer Hanger

    21E Aircraft Sight

    11E Mag Insertion Kit Includes Recoil Rod not pictured here; however, spare bolt head body is.

    23E Bolt Head w/Round Rollers

    21E Blank Firing Barrel (Orange Handle)
    23E Blank Firing Barrel (Orange Handle)

    23E 1000 Meter Rear Sight (Orange Markings)

    21E Barrel Carriers - Long for 22" barrel and Short for 18" barrel
    23E Barrel Carrier

    M3 Stand Up Tripod

    Ground Tripod#1

    Ground Tripod #2

    Ground Tripod #3

    Assault Grip

    Starter Tabs


    Spare Parts for 21E&23E: LP's, Ejectors, Extractors & Springs, Bolt head rollers, Recoil Spring Assemblies, Trigger Group and Bolt heads (Note difference in bolt heads)

    Well, looks like I will have to stop posting pics to this thread and post a price to
    comply lest they delete a couple hours of work finding, uploading and posting
    pics to this thread.

    Asking price for the weapon configured as a 21E: $48,500
    Asking price for the weapon configured as a 23E: $48,500
    Asking price for caliber conversion kit: $15,000

    All reasonable offers considered.

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    Seller MUST state price.
    Sparkplugs are irrelevant.
    Plenty of HK's and clones.

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    Back to the top of the lists

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    Hey Chuck,
    Beautiful guns as are all of Terry's guns. We've had many Tdyer 21 & 23E's done and all were flawless.
    I'm surprised at the quiet response as this gun is in new condition and you would be hard pressed to find
    one like this at any time. Real...Real Gem!... This is a extraordinary addition especially with the conversion
    kit to anyone's collection. Any ones! Best of luck in your sale and all the best to the luckiest recipient
    of this fine example.
    Jim Corby

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    Chuck nice chatting today. Looking forward to getting my new toy eventually!!

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    One of the best Hk21E's and its 23E conversion kit has been sold pending receipt of funds.
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    Pm sent

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