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Thread: WTS: Drum cut PTR 32 and PCS built Hk33 clone

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    Quote Originally Posted by nictra View Post
    so is the 33 sold?
    I'm waiting to hear back...

    But, since Jeff built it I'm sure it's fine. I'll post an unequivocal 'I will take the PCS 33' and look forward to hearing back from @JohnS .
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    I guess I'll be taking sloppy seconds if you pass Sir.

    I would like to see some pics though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wallew View Post

    By jove, I believe you are correct. I read it and (mentally) inserted AAC SUPPRESSOR for the AAC Suppressor mount.
    Duh! So did I, sorry.
    I don't "run" my guns or "run" anything on them. Likewise, none of my guns are "platforms". I hold them up, not the other way around.

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    Hi Johnn ,I just sent an E mail about buying your PTR 32. Thanks Unclebear

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    ^if you find out how long it is please let us know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TallPine View Post
    Good advise @kong , the receiving FFL has to log it as a pistol and thus securing its preferential classification. Gotta love the pistol classification, gives you so many options. All guns should probably be manufactured and shipped as pistols to give the customer maximum flexibility. Buy a stock or brace as your heart desires.
    Quite frankly, that's pure myth. No one, the ATF included, cares what a receiving FFL logs the gun in as with regards to its classification for conversion between a pistol and a rifle. The only thing that matters legally is whether it was configured "originally", i.e. from the manufacturer, as a pistol or a rifle. If it was originally a rifle, it's always a rifle or you can stamp it as an SBR. If it was originally built as a pistol, as the OPs gun was, then it may be converted back and forth at will with the appropriate barrel length.
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    Both guns are sold pending funds. Sorry for not getting back to everyone. Work has been tough and the amount of interest kinda blew my mind.

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