WTS: G36/T36 "E" Custom Rifle w/ 6 Magazines!
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Thread: WTS: G36/T36 "E" Custom Rifle w/ 6 Magazines!

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    Default WTS: G36/T36 "E" Custom Rifle w/ 6 Magazines!

    Hello HKPro!
    Purchasing a new home soon and thinning out the collection. Don’t worry — keeping most of it.
    Up for sale is a G36 / T36 “E” style rifle. Ready to go as a DMR or Race Rifle! Assembled and run for 3 gun, the weapon has seen about 1,200 rounds — all flawless! Range tested prior to listing for sale. Printed multiple sub-MOA groups with GECO 55 grain and Hornady 68 gr BTHP.

    Primarily original HK OEM parts, the fit, function, and performance of this is a beast. Includes full installed SL8 Fire Control Group with Serpent Trigger. Crisp break with phenomenal tactile reset — it wants to shoot again and again!

    Asking: $3399

    -IDZ Aluminum Rail w/o sights
    -Match SL8 FCG & trigger.
    -HK G36 OEM Magazine Well, Custom Flared
    -Ambidextrous Extended Bolt & Magazine Catch/Release
    -HK G36 OEM Recoil Spring Assembly

    Also Includes:
    -6x Magazines
    -1x 53 Round
    -2x 35 Round
    -3x 30 Round
    -"E" Standard Stock

    The weapon is 100% 922r compliant. Detailed listing of 922r parts is below with (922r Compliance Parts Count)

    1- Frame — Tommy Built Tactical T36 (0)
    2- Barrel — HK SL8 reprofiled by ADCO to Medium / Light Taper. Set to 18" Legal Length. Threaded 1/2x28. (1)
    3- Barrel Extensions — N/A - (0)
    4- Mounting Block / Trunion — N/A — (0)
    5- Muzzle Attachments — Primary Armament M4-72 — (0)
    6- Bolts — HK OEM G36 Bolt — (1)
    7- Bolt Carriers — HK OEM G36 BCG, Modified for Semi Auto w/ Tungsten — (1)
    8- Operating Rod — HK OEM “E” Length Operating Rod — (1)
    9- Gas Pistons — HK Parts US Chrome Piston — (0)
    10- Trigger Housing — HK OEM Select Fire Grip w/ SL8 FCG, Match Trigger — (1)
    11- Triggers — Tommy Built Tactical Serpent Match Trigger, Red — (0)
    12- Hammers — HK OEM SL8 Fire Control Group — (1)
    13- Sear — HK OEM SL8 Fire Control Group — (1)
    14- Disconnectors — N/A — (0)
    15- Buttstock — HK OEM “C” Stock with Cheek Riser — (1)
    16- Pistol Grips — HK OEM Select Fire Grip w/ SL8 FCG, Match Trigger — (0) *Already Counted as “Tigger Housing”
    17- Forearms / Handguards — HK OEM Slick Sided “E” Handguard w/ G36 BiPod — (1)
    18- Magazine Body — Magpul PMAG — (0)
    19- Magazine Follower — Magpul PMAG — (0)
    20- Magazine Floorplates — Magpul PMAG — (0)

    Total 922r Parts Count — (9)

    Thank you for your interest. Look forward to placing it in a great loving home!

    Photos Password (if Prompted) is "HKPro" (no quotes)

    Terms & Conditions:
    -First to post “I’ll take it” and follow-up with a PM is the winner. They will have 24 hours from a return message to start payment.
    -I typically ship via USPS Flat Rate Boxes. That way you and I know its fair shipping prices with tracking. USPS will send the tracking. Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted.
    -Payment is accepted via discreet PayPal (add 3% if not F&F), Money Order, or similar.
    -PM and e-mail is best to reach me. My phone number will be disclosed via PM if requested.
    -FFL Items MUST ship to an FFL — NO EXCEPTIONS!
    HK and Sci Fi Nut.

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    Is this the same gun you have on gunbroker right now?
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    Yes. Forgot to close the thread after no interest was found here. Thanks for asking and he reminder. Happy bidding!

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