WTS: Registered HK Sear made by Fleming
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Thread: WTS: Registered HK Sear made by Fleming

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    Default WTS: Registered HK Sear made by Fleming


    As much as this pains me, my wife and I are buying a new house and it's time to liquidate some of my collection to free up some cash.

    I'm putting up my Fleming HK Sear in a SEF pack. It has the .308 hammer spring and the timed hammer. It runs beautifully in all of my sears host (also soon to be posted), from MP5 and MP5SDs up through my PTR91 .308.

    It will transfer on a Form 4 in Indiana. Purchase will include first stamp and shipping. I'm also open to having it held by a Class 3 or 07/02 during the transfer, so you don't have to worry about me continuing to enjoy it while you wait.

    I'm asking $30k and I would be open to discussing some discounting for a larger deal that includes sear hosts.

    Lists of hosts that are available for packaged deal (I'll post these individual too):

    Omega OM-9FS (railed version) pistol with MAD MAX Bolt head
    Omega OM-9SD with TPM MP5SD can pistol (no semi pack included, just "upper") with MAD MAX Bolt head
    Century C93P (HK53) SBR
    Century C93 (HK53) rifle
    PTR 91 GI (all black furniture) - can include UB training bolt and DAG ammo
    PTR 91 PDW pistol (HK51) - can include cut down UB training bolt and DAG ammo
    PTR 32 PDW pistol (includes 9 PMags)
    Special Weapons SW45 rifle - one of the few actually running SW45 sear hosts with 8 mags. Black Ops Defense worked on this to get it running (see ad for video)

    I'm going to grab some better pictures. In the meantime, here's this one.

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    PM sent on omega guns
    Qualified HK Sear
    PCS mp5k
    PCS 53
    PCS 33k
    Omega mp5
    Omega SD-k
    Black Ops Defense mp5

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    PM sent. Oh lord what have I done.
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