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    Default WTS: PTR91 PDW pistol


    A new house means new bills, so my collection is being thinned down to help.

    Up for sale is my PTR91 PDW with both a full auto bolt carrier and a cut down UB Training bolt so you can shoot the DAG training ammo. This gun is a beast with a sear (well, I guess it's a beast either way). It will come with a pistol end cap. I do have the stock available for those of you who already have a sear or are interested in making an SBR (I'm not your lawyer though, so you figure out if you can possess both at the same time).

    I'm asking $1000 shipped to your FFL (or local face to face if you are within an hour of Indianapolis, IN).

    Here's a video of me shooting with the UB bolt and DAG ammo with my sear. You get a huge chunk of the bark, but almost none of the bite (recoil is closer to a low 5.56 or less than 7.62x51 with the blue ammo).

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