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16" Mid-Length Dissipator on a 1990s Bushmaster lower.

Getting a new job in private security and need a platform I'm better trained with.

Would like to trade for a 33 Clone (Century or Vector, if bolt gap is gtg) or possibly a 16" to 18" PTR in 7.62x51.

Custom built mid-length Dissipator. CORE Barrel on a SP1 upper, SP1 BCG, Brownells 601 Charging Handle. Other upper parts are all Colt. Lower is a mid-1990s Bushmaster with a 2 position Buffer Tube, Colt N1 stock with correct recoil pad and zip tie. Front pivot pin has been replaced with a thread together .250 Colt pin to hold the conversion bearing. Sling is a silent 1960s era equipment sling (popular on XM177s.) Also comes with a rail mount for the carry handle. Will come with 8 Mags (6 Aluminum 20 rd mags, 1 20rd Magpul mag, 1 Adventure Line 30, 1 30rd Magpul) along with a bandoleer and a set of ALICE webbing for all the mags, plus some other ALICE kit parts (spare Canteen pouch, Assault Vest for belt.)

I can ship it or meet within 2 hours of drive time around Houston,TX.