Can 3rd burst pack be converted to 2rd burst?
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Thread: Can 3rd burst pack be converted to 2rd burst?

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    Default Can 3rd burst pack be converted to 2rd burst?

    It doesn't seem like it should be too difficult. I have a 3RB pack, but don't have a 2RB pack so I can't compare them. I'd guess that the whatsit doodad in the 3RB pack could be replaced with one from a 2RB? Or maybe it could even be altered?

    Also, is it possible to convert a 4-position pack into a 3-position by removing all that burst stuff?

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    I had a 4-position 3rb pack converted to 4-position 2rb by Terry Dyer a year or so back. I think it's just swapping out a cam (and same major disassembly/reassembly work).


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    The counting wheel is actually a 2 part sub-assembly. The same parts are used for the 2 round burst and 3 round burst packs. The 3 main parts of the counting wheel are a connecting flange (the center "spool" piece), the side with the teeth, and the side with the 'stop cam'.

    The only difference is the angle between the stop cam side and the side with the teeth when the pieces are assembled.

    So... if you can find a 2 round burst counting wheel, just swap them out, as the counting wheel is the only difference mechanically.

    If you can't find one, you'd have to either weld a little material to the surface of the stop cam so it hits the sear release latch one tooth eariler, or you may be able to cut the welds out, rotate the stop cam by one tooth clockwise, and then reweld it into place.

    Going from a 2rb to a 3rb is super easy, you just cut the stop cam step down a little bit. Going from 3rb to 2rb takes a little more work.
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