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Thread: PTR-32 Suppression Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaniya View Post
    My goal is to make this gun run smooth with and without the can, minimize recoil, keep gas blowing back in my face to a non-existent level, and keep bullets from kissing my end cap.
    I borrowed a 58 degree and did not work. Talked to PTR and they said feedback is #15 (65 degree) seems to be the best compromise. The 70 degree has been found to work best over time without a silencer because of vast differences in ammo from overseas. If using a silencer it takes a lot of experimentation as we are trying to make the gun do things it was not designed to do. Other research confirmed this. Also, In my research some have said that some silencers work and others don't. I have run into this problem with other gas operated rifles as well. Bottom line is pick the best gun you like for a silencer and use the rest as designed. Sub guns are almost flawless with or without a silencer.

    Update: Used a different suppressor and it ran like a top. Setup was an extra strong hammer spring from our HK sources and I used a double pin grip handle clipped and pinned, 65 degree locking piece, and normal stock. Nice! I am impressed. I will normally just shoot it semi, but knowing I have options is why I got the rifle in the first place. It's a fun gun to shoot! Update 2 (12/03/19) 360 rounds later after my last post, no issues and I have not cleaned the gun for around 400 rounds to see if I have function issues. None. Now I'll clean it and on to other things. The suppressor makes it extremely dirty. Last post on this. Enjoy!
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