any news on the hk sc5sd?
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Thread: any news on the hk sc5sd?

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    Default any news on the hk sc5sd?

    Obviously I'm assuming these won't be imported... sure would be nice though... Has anyone heard any details regarding the hk sc5sd though?

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    Only German sites make mention of it.

    If they do arrive here in the USA, the flood of humanity through the doors of any gun stores selling them will look like rush hour on the Tokyo subway. I'll crawl over the top of other HKPRO members to get mine.

    Believe me when I prophecize that a genuine SD receiver gun from Hk will be regarded someday surpassing the collectibility (and reflected market price) of a semi-auto FAMAS or SIG-550 in the case with all accessories, unfired. I just cannot imagine it happening.
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    And here I would just be excited to get an sp5 (not k)

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    Forget the fancy colors, short slide, long slide, and optics cut, I just want a VP9 with a darn mag release button!

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    I am with you Prez. My right kidney would be up for sale on medlist if it became reality!! :)

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