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Thread: did I overdo the weathering on my MP5?

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    @hkshooterusp Good advice as well, thanks!
    I'll have to remember this, "...random and chaos are very difficult to intentionally duplicate."

    Well, it only took 5 hours for a 2 minute video clip after finally finding a site other than youtube. Completely gave up on Photobucket and tiny pic after numerous attempts.

    Disregard the timer, I wasn't sure how long it would take for the solution to work so I thought I would time it to give you an indication on how fast this stuff works. In this case it was instant. As mentioned I'm not sure what type of steel this is but you can see how differently it reacted to the piece that was media blasted vs. the one that was buffed.

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    21 HK,

    I really like the way you think. NICE job...

    I'm not surprised that blasted metal holds the coat better.

    What type of media did you use? Hard or soft? Just curious.

    My favorite finish that I use on my own firearms is using a softer media (think baking soda) and then blue it. It comes out almost looking like I parkerized it. Very durable and a flat color. Two things I like.

    Your approach has all that. THANKS.
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    Thank you, appreciate the kind words.

    Media is nothing special, Black Diamond from Tractor Supply...medium grit. Right now it's mix of medium and course.
    I need to change it soon, it's really started to break down that's how I ended up with two different grits. I really don't work with aluminum, if I did, I would certainly go with a softer media and have considered trying soda. I don't have room for two cabinets, it would be nice to have one set up course work and one for fine. My buddy uses some fine oxide and the finish is very smooth and flat like you mentioned. He does a lot with aluminum so it works well for him.

    Seeing as the OP is having an issue with the finish taking, it seems like the best thing to do would be to open up the finish on the receiver and start from scratch. The video was done to show in real time the effect a solution can have on different finishes. I wish I had a receiver ready to go, I would of used that as a model.

    I don't have tanks or gallons of this stuff, I put it tupperware with lid and swish it around until it's the color I want. Less time for grey, longer for black....trade secret so don't tell anyone!

    If I was trying to replicate a finish like smooth parkerize, as you mentioned, certainly you would have to use a fine media which I think would give you a little more time to monitor the color change. As shown in the video clip, the course blasted test piece I did turned black immediately.

    The CETME build I recently finished is black, I had no way of dipping the whole barreled receiver because of the amount of solution that I had at the time so I stood it up in large tray and kept spritzing it with a sprayer bottle with the Pro Gun Blue. There was nothing really to go wrong being that it was going to be black, the trick is keep it wet and let the solution work. I do have a couple of areas on it that the finish ended up a little blotchy, it's in the rails on the side...I can live with it.

    I wouldn't recommend this solution for a base as if you were doing a poor mans park and paint, it simply flashes over to fast once it drys. There would be no way to get it completely dry and ready to paint without some browning starting to occur.

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    It's a bit too much for my tastes, but if that's the look YOU like, I say go for it. I'm really kind of perplexed by the whole battlefield pick up look craze that has taken place in the last few years.

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    I'm not saying you went too far... but you went too far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Copper View Post
    I'm really kind of perplexed by the whole battlefield pick up look craze that has taken place in the last few years.
    Yep... I don't get it either.
    I think I might put some bullet holes in the fuselage and wing panels of my Cessna so it looks like I was running drugs from an air field in Colombia.

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    I dig the rugged post-apoc look that you're going for, tho yes, I must agree that you went overboard on the sanding, UNLESS you were to sand most of the finish away instead of only partial (barrel, trigger housing, magwell, buttcap area). You also neglected the wood, meaning that the glossy wood is out of place. Tho it looks great, has a beautiful grain pattern and like that fresh look, but it conflicts with the rest of the gun. I'd suggest refinishing it to a soft matte with no luster, where you can feel the wood. IMO, this is a wood finish that says I'm a weapon and not a safe queen:

    After you've refinished the wood, you're going to need to cultivate some rust:

    Then give it cloth wrapping and spot that wrap with some menstrual red blood. End result should be something along the lines of:
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    Back away from the brillo pad.

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    To much weathering but I own a few original battlefield pickups.

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    Not buying it. Most of the beaters that I have seen were not on gym mats or Home Depot carpet.

    They were hanging on the passenger rear view mirror of a Toyota truck.

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