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Thread: I Can Honestly Say...

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    Only live once!!

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    If I did that, my eyes would much more open than that. Much. More.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PORSCHE View Post
    And you're definitely NOT going to do it with a 35K transferable!
    Why not it's on a sling and it aint going anywhere...I never did it with a firearm, but it does add to the theater of it all in this pic...still action photos are awesome like that!
    Your first time aussie style is kinda like the first time you had yourself some lovin....all wired up and raring to go, hoping you can live up to your own expectations
    Lots of first are like that....your first fast sports car, your first solo flight, your first parachute freefall, seeing your first child born....all good stuff

    Many of my firsts are imprinted on my brain like they were put there with a white hot branding iorn....I will never forget
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    "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
    "Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not."

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    Quote Originally Posted by bastardsonofelvis View Post
    He's not hiding his face, he's covering up his enormous shiteating grin so he doesn't get bugs in his teeth. The most dangerous thing about that maneuver is that you're definitely going to be doing it with an erection.
    I don't think I get excited quite the same way that you do. If I went off a tall building face first, I might experience my first case ever of ED.

    Really!!! My first case ever. Honest.
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    "Sometimes change sucks."- Anne Frank

    Reloading: A low impact exercise with a high impact payoff.

    Take your wife or GF to the range more. If you want her to get the bug, you've got to expose her to the disease.

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    Meh... rappelling is a hoot. Just sack up enough to do it once... then you can't wait to try it again. My first time over the edge I almost **** myself. Then as soon as I landed I was sprinting back up to try it again. Adding a gun wouldn't have changed a thing. Now... shooting on the way down... hmmm.
    45acp... turning human garbage into useful fertilizer since 1911

    Auf gebeginning to fixin der gun mit grosse busen of der schpritzin lubrication allen over derfukin platz, mit das squirtin and squeezin oil in allen fukinholes.
    Ja, und racken und strokin das bolt as if gecrazygoing, yanken dat handle bak und forth, zwei hunnert times, ja?
    Ist neue, und its needing some brekkin in.

    Certified MM leghumper...

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