Tax Stamp came in--who to use to SBR my HK94
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Thread: Tax Stamp came in--who to use to SBR my HK94

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    Default Tax Stamp came in--who to use to SBR my HK94

    I have an HK94 which just had its tax stamp come in.

    All I am going to have done is:

    1. Have the barrel shortened to 8.9" of a standard MP5.

    2. Have a 3 lug adapter installed on the barrel.

    3. Have the button magazine release replaced with a paddle release.

    I have two prime candidates to do this:

    TMP Outfitters: TPM Outfitters Heckler & Koch Specialists

    and S&H Arms

    What I have heard is very important is that whoever does the SBR do a correct 3 lug barrel where the threads come all the way through the adapter and the crown of the muzzle is at the very end. Some people cut corners by chopping and threads the barrel and screws the adapter on like a flash hider.

    I know that S&H arms comes highly recommended and has a reputation for doing it correctly and has come recommended from several sources who have had it done on their own HK94s. I also know that TMP does quality work.

    Any thoughts?

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    TSC All the Way, Mike does it the right way. My son has his HK94 there now for the MP5 conversiion.

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    TPM Outfitters performed the SBR conversion on one of my HK94s. I am very happy with their work and would highly recommend them.

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    The smart move is to replace the barrel and keep the original barrel or sell to offset the new barrel cost.

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    TSC is who I'd recommend as well. S&H would be a good choice as well although I will say I know them only by reputation, I haven't used them personally.

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    I've been saving up to have my 94 done by TSC machine. OP: if you have a Form 1 already approved and TSC converts it for you, does their info get engraved on the SBR, or does yours? Also, can they remark it to MP5 if the Form 1 is already submitted (assuming you haven't already remarked it)? Sorry if those are totally newb questions

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    Find a German MP5 barrel, send it all off to Michael's Machines (aka hk21man) for conversion, thank me later.

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    TSC Machine hands down. They have done all my HK work - HK53 SBR, x2 HK MP5-N SBR's, HK MP5K-N SBR. All I can say about their work is, PERFECTION..............
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    I had all the work on my MP5 SBR done by Mike at TSC Machine. Very knowledgeable and great work -- I highly recommend him.

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