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Thread: Quietest USP 45 Tactical Suppressor? Ready to buy a can! Which one?

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    There is value in what is sometimes overlooked. The construction of the KAC can is all stainless steel. This makes it as tough as the Mark 23. There was a time when toughness was not important to me. Then I saw Lone Survivor. Remember the scenes where all hell broke loose and the men and their guns were tumbling off of cliffs and ridges onto the rocks below? I don't expect to be in a firefight like that.....ever. But I'm fairly certain some of those boutique super quiet aluminum bodied pretty boy cans could not survive that kind of abuse nor are they rated for the kind of heat the OHG cab is. Do I need all of that? Fricken who knows, but I'd rather have and not need than to need and not have. That and the KAC suppressor is the only one that HK warranties its gun as a host. There is more to a can than signature reduction it turns out.
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    I’ve found a local member willing to sell me a brand new KAC USP-45T suppressor! I’m not sure if I will get it, I’m over budget. And it greatly depends on my local shops transfer fees, to form 4 it down here, to sit in jail on a trust.

    I love how the KAC is Robust, and they do stay nice and snug on the threads of the pistol.

    I would mostly run it dry, as long as it doesn’t ring my ears, I’m good. And it’s well under 140dB. I’m honestly hoping for a nice 135-138dB from shot to shot. And if I want it crazy quiet, I’ll shoot a little gel in it and get sub 130dB’s

    A lot of people are making the KAC seem louder than it is. But in reality, you can take a Rugged Obsidian 45 and first shot is about 137dB, subsequent shots do get quieter though.

    The SIG SRD45 is similar size to the KAC, and the KAC is quieter!

    I’d say the KAC is still top tier for sound suppression, and it’s very short!
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    I have only done bubba sound testing with my KAC and Osprey, but others listened and the Osprey was the quietest. The difference is very little, so my guess is probably 2-4 dB points. No one can disagree the KAC is battle ready and will probably last longer than any of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooBigToFit View Post
    It's possible to shoot most of the modern suppressors wet too. I've done it with both my KAC and my Obsidian. I've stopped doing it with either because it just makes a mess of everything, and I don't like carrying around a container of tactical water in my car.

    My point is, the KAC isn't the choice if you're purely chasing dB numbers. But if you consider other factors, it may make more sense to you. If buying suppressors was only about finding the best dB reduction, there'd only be one suppressor on the market. But it isn't and that's why multiple ones exist.

    I like my KAC for historical accuracy, appearance, muzzle flip reduction, and toughness, all while providing competitive sound reduction. It should also be noted that the KAC is a bit shorter than a lot of .45 suppressors, which may account for the lower reduction.

    I like my Rugged for absolute sound reduction performance, light weight, versatility, and excellent warranty.

    They both live together in my safe in harmony and peace.

    For those wondering, here's what happened when we shot the Osprey and KAC back to back on our Mark 23s...
    It looks like from the video posted that the kac suppressor doesn't really have a muzzle flash, while the other one had a huge one. Very interesting.

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    I have experience with the Osprey and KAC. In my opinion:

    Slab side looks great with a USP/MK23
    Tons of piston choices for when you get something else down the line (we all do)
    Tone is slightly lower, perceived by my ears as more pleasing of a sound
    Stays out of sight picture even without raised sights
    Can generally doesn't back off threads possibly due to oblong shape
    Badass SiCo CS

    Dimples look great with 90s era HK
    Tough and heavy in a good way
    Period correct
    Fits in HK suppressor pouch
    Quiet enough for me

    As always, the answer is buy both.

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    I'm really impressed with the features of the Dead Air Ghost.

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    My cousin has an Osprey. It has to be the dirtiest can I have ever shot. On multiple platforms. I have a couple of cans from ACC and TROS, all sound about the same. Both of the round cans have far less blowback.

    If someone here has and Osprey, no insult intended.
    Plenty of HKs
    and other toys too.

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    KAC + water = pretty darn quiet!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mew View Post
    @THRLSEKR It IS indestructible
    But then again, my post-apocalypse fantasies run sort of End of Days, Book of Eli crap anyway.......

    And you can use it as a bludgeon or hammer as the need arises!! post-apocalypse of course.......
    I laughed out loud on that one XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by tps3443 View Post
    After a lot of research, it seems that the Osprey 45 is still the quietest 45 can on the market, at about 130dB. And it looks the best, with good tone and a lot of volume for gasses.

    I donít care about modularity, or taking a can apart to keep it clean, That is just not necessary to clean a suppressor.

    Iím curious what can will sound the best tone wise, Iím leaning towards the Omega 45K, Osprey 45K, and Osprey 45. It will stay 100% on my USP 45 Tactical.

    Omega 45K?

    Dead air ghost 45m?

    Osprey 45?

    Sig SRD45?

    Obsidian 45?

    Osprey 45k?

    Other options?

    Please help! Lol Iím tired of researching, and Iíve watched every suppressor video on YouTube! Iím ready to order and start my wait.
    Thing is, go with you're gut. I went through this back in 2009 and finally decided on the AAC Ti Rant 45. Very pleased with it. You can change pistons to shoot sub 45 calibers. The DBs of a can are susceptible to each individual shooter, in other words a AAC Ti Rant 45 might sound quieter to me than it does you. They are all fun. Good luck
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