Mark 23 Suppression - Help Me Decide
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Thread: Mark 23 Suppression - Help Me Decide

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    Default Mark 23 Suppression - Help Me Decide

    Ok Experts, I’m either going with the AAC TiRant or the KAC original. Here’s my understanding of the two options:

    1. AAC TiRant - Modular, versatile across multiple platforms with use of pistons, less expensive, can be disassembled and cleaned.

    2. KAC - Specific to just the Mark 23, historically accurate and linked to this gun, highest quality, possibly better sound suppression, more expensive.

    As I look it over the only actual advantage to the KAC seems to be the cool factor of it and maybe a slight performance edge. Is that about right?

    (That said, I’m completely undecided on which way to go.)

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    To me you have already hit the nail on the head with your list of advantages and it is just decision time.

    My question is - would you shoot both the same amount? In other words, if you got the KAC would you shoot it or look at it for the cool factor? (There's nothing wrong with that! I have safe queens!)

    I play the "which is quieter" game too, but in the end I don't think it matters. If you shoot a TiRant and a KAC side by side you may be able to tell a difference in signature and possibly decibels. If you were to take just one to the range and shoot it and then take the other the next day I think you'd be hard pressed to remember a difference. All that to say either one will be fine.

    Just my $0.02

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    KAC--- can be utilized on the USP, with the appropriate piston assembly, as well!!!


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    Thank you Tony, totally did not know that!

    I do plan to shoot it but my dreams of endless hours at the range are typically wildly over-imagined. I’m fine with safe queens as well.

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    That's pretty much the same assessment I made when I was deciding. I do like the 'cool' and original factor of the KAC, but I just can't justify double the price. The one thing I would say I've changed my mind on though (as far as a factor in the decision, it's definitely factual), is the modularity/use on multiple platforms. My original thought was that I wanted to be... let's call it monitarily efficient, and buy ONE pistol can and ONE rifle can and leave it at that. Now that I have my pistol can (Rugged Obsidian 45 if you care), I'm now more of the mind that I would like more dedicated cans that I don't have to swap pistons and whatnot all around. With that in mind, the fact that the KAC can is limited to just MK23 and USP doesn't bother me now.

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    I have a Rugged Obsidian 45 in jail, but I’ll be buying the KAC can for the Mark 23. I bought the correct piston for the Obsidian already, but it will likely just be used on my other handguns.

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    I would go with #1, simply for the use across multiple firearms. Also could be used for sub caliber guns as well. To me, utility trumps coolness.

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    Another consideration is that the KAC suppressor can be adjusted for point of impact shift. I've not heard whether the TiRant is capable of that. There will be POI shift for sure. I experienced a 2" POI shift with the can installed for the first time. I indexed the piston and moved POI back on target. Same thing happened with the USP Tactical.
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    OH MIKE??

    I suspect his answer will be KAC. But I would love to hear his thoughts on this one.
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    Another factor that hasn't been mentioned. HK has officially approved two suppressors for the MARK 23: the KAC (available in the US) and the B&T (available in Europe). It is my understanding that using any other suppressor may void the warranty on the MARK 23.
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