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Thread: PTR MP5 Clone: Trigger not resetting in semi auto but full auto functions fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3two8 View Post
    - Get the lower and trigger pack off the gun,
    - leave selector lever in the pack and switch to semi,
    - trip the auto sear
    - pull trigger (but catch the hammer as not to hit the housing) and keep trigger pulled
    - recoil hammer
    - trip auto sear.

    Does the trigger reset? If so, the trigger pack is okay, and it may be a problem of seating the pack, bolt carrier, whatsoever.
    If the trigger does not reset, the fault most probably lies within the trigger pack.
    I want to thank you for solving my problem, it was inadvertent but none the less worked.
    This was my first MP5 build, we normally stick to the AR platform since that's what we manufacture.
    Anyway, I know what SEF stands for . . at least I've always referred to it as Safe / Economy / Full.
    I shouldn't even admit this but it makes a good story you can tell your friends about the dummy on the board you belong to.
    For some reason I instinctively saw the F as *fire* not full and the E as *Full*.
    Not sure why.
    So when I was testing it in Semi I was really in Full and the reason the trigger was dead is because the hammer had already fallen.
    So basically this thing worked as it should since it was built and I was to stupid to know it.
    If the admins will allow it feel free to make fun of me.
    Thanks for all the help :)

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    You‘re welcome.

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