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Thread: MP5SD and Multiple Suppressors

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccosby View Post
    When I had Mike make me a SD not that long ago he had given up on making them. He didn't have the materials anymore and I know he doesn't like doing the stippling either(at least in any volume). He told me to call Bernie as he had kac cans still.
    And I have his early version can that was anodized rather than painted. Very nice.

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    I have the B&T, KAC, and RDTS (STD HK thread pattern) cans. I like the B&T and RDTS, my KAC remains unfired. The RDTS works really well and even though heavier than the rest it keeps the muzzle planted and is not the big deal everyone makes it out to be.

    I am working on a mp5K-SD and will be using two new short cans, a RDTS K-SD (I do like his cans) can and a SilencerCo Omega SD.

    I have thought about the TPM can but having never seen or heard one in person no comment from me is possible.
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    Thanks for all of the information, I appreciate it. I spoke to Ralph at RDTS and already knew I would be buying his HE suppressor, in part due to some information "flybynt" had previously sent me. I want to get a second can for the MP5SD and couldn't decide on the B&T or TPM. I knew I could count on members here who have multiple SD suppressors to give good information based on first hand experience.

    The B&T reviews have surprised me, so based on what I have read it looks like I need to buy a TPM along with the RDTS.
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    I have the KAC, B&T, TPM. The B&T is my favorite, but it is an import version, might not be the exact same as the USA version.

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    I have 2 SD guns; HKMP5SD and APC9SD and have been wrestling with the same, what suppressors to get question. I’m waiting on a B&T SD suppressor stamp and am supposed to grab a TPM as well but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Having 2 SD guns and no can finally got me to EFile Form 1 an SD can and that’s all I’m running currently til my B&T can clears
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MP5SD and Multiple Suppressors-587e7d50-323c-4022-9990-fd040b597471_1558277204388.jpeg   MP5SD and Multiple Suppressors-17eff40d-abef-41ba-8869-990845d8a35a_1558277219548.png  
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    Quote Originally Posted by CircleSH View Post
    I have these same 3 cans plus a RDTS, a short TPM, and a SiliencerCo Omega9SD. I agree, the B&T is somewhat disappointing. The KAC has a different tone, but not as quiet as some of the others. Of the 6, the TPM cans are my favorites. Not much drop off in the short can and much more compact.
    Wasn't aware of the SiCo Omega9SD. Is that can really $1100?

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    Post edited, as I re-read some earlier info.....

    IIRC, doesn't Ralph at RDTS use a non-standard thread for his cans? Reading flybynt post, I'm a bit behind the times....... it seems Ralph now offers standard HK threads and a short SD can as well ??

    I have one of RDTS's MP5SD's, made from a 94 some time ago. The can has a FJV- SN prefix, as I believe these were part of a group he built for Fred Vollmer. I have no other cans for the SD, so I can not attest to interchangeability. I acquired the SD some years ago, and called Ralph at that time about a "Hollywood" style shorter can. At that time he made these in faux cans, but no shorty for a working can at that time. He also did not mention offering a OEM-HK thread.

    Pretty sure he mentioned that my gun uses a non-OEM thread. Ralph keeps great records, and can look-up any work he has done while you are on the phone. He also ports his barrels differently, -- in the grooves to minimize jacket shaving. Absolutely the quietest (and largest & heaviest) 9mm can I have. Love to shoot the SD, but needs a serious cleaning after 500-1000 rounds. FWIW, Ted
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