Reweld/soldered HK93 Carrier?
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Thread: Reweld/soldered HK93 Carrier?

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    Default Reweld/soldered HK93 Carrier?

    I'm working on my first roller lock build, a 300BLK HK53 clone, and recently picked up a cut down HK93 carrier that was also "welded" to full auto spec. I didn't really care that it was rewelded, since I don't plan on owning a sear, but when I got it it looked more like it was soldered (silver colored, no machining marks, slightly less magnetic than the other unmodified side). Its a little disappointing but it won't cause any issues in semi-auto only would it?
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    Wouldn't mean sh!t to a tree. Also, it would have been welded, not rewelded as nothing underneath is welded in the first place. Sounds more like yours was silver soldered or the bozo used SS welding rod. Either way, if it fell out your semi would keep truckin'.
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